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Fee Schedule - Monroe County, TN

Copies from record books or loose records are considered manuscript copies. Copies from indexes or abstracted materials are considered book copies.

In-person Orders

No self-service copies. All copies must be made by Archivist. Some manuscript materials – due to their fragile condition – cannot be photocopied. Requestor will be allowed to view these copies and/or take photographs of the fragile documents.

Photocopies from books 25 cents per copy (up to 25 pages)*
Manuscript materials $1 per copy (up to 25 pages)*
Maps (11” x 17”) copy $5 per copy
Certification $5 per document

*Copyright may restrict the number of pages copied. If more than 25 pages are requested, the Archivist reserves the right for the requestor to fill out a copy a request form. Copies will be supplied to requestor within ten days, or as soon thereafter as possible. If more copies are needed to fill the order, we will quote a price for the remaining pages.

Requests by Mail

Photocopies from books $5 (up to 25 copies) plus 25 cents each additional page
Manuscript materials (In State) $5 plus $1.00 per copy (up to 25) copies
Manuscript materials (Out of State) $10 plus $1.00 per copy (up to 25) copies
Maps (11” x 17”) $10 per copy
Certification $5 per document

All payments must be made at the time the order is placed. Fees are non-refundable.

This 3rd day of March, 2011.
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